International Society for Krishna Consciousness Founder Acharya: His Divine grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad ( Sri Govind Dham Ravet, Pune presents ) Bharat Sanskriti Vikas

(Vedic knowledge and Culture propagation, Transcendental Book Distribution, Cow Preservation-Cow Protection, Rural Development and Community Enlightenment Programme)

Respected Entire Indian community, for the service of Lord and whole community this programme of Indian-Cultural Development is being organized, We hope that, definitely you all are going to love this programme.

Social Issues :Today our Vedic Sanatan Dharma and Culture is declining, due to the lack of spiritual knowledge society is on the verge of destruction, atheism is spreading rapidly, locus of sinful activities and irreligious activities is expanding. Killings of innocent children, exploitation of women, disrespect towards senior citizens, exploitation of soil, inhuman persecution of cows are happening extensively. Because of this, unrest in personal, familial and social life is increasing, there is no peace of mind in the lives of people.

Our Work : In such depraved social condition, we have already started distribution of Vedic scriptures and discourses as well as social enlightenment programs on large scale.

Nature of our Work:
- Distribution of Vedic scriptures and Culture propagation related books
- Guidance on Social issues
- Beginning of Rural development projects In various villages
- Organic farming councelling
- Supporting farmersblack hot drink
- Services related to Go-Seva, serving cows and Cow-Protection
- Services for value education for children
- Services for the families of those who martyred to serve country
- Providing needful commodities, food charity and similar services for Orphanages and Old-age homes
- Serving diseased Patients in different hospitals

Appeal :This programme is a immensely huge service task. To progress in this programme is impossible without contribution from all of you. Therefore we request for your kind support according to your strength in the above-mentioned services.

For the Doners :Doners will be informed of every work being done. 80 G (Income Tax) facility will be provided.
To overview services for Donation purpose and for donating kindly go through Donation Page.